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        Our members provide quality services to the citizens of Saskatoon through various pacities and professions including: ?

        Aquatic Technicians, Appraisers, Accountants, rpenters, shiers,?Childre Workers, Clerks, Claims Investigators, CPIC Operators, Computer Systems Staff,?Custodians, Design Assistants, Engineering Technologists, Event Attendants, Golf Course Assistants, Inspectors,?Labourers, Lifeguards, Meter Readers, Operators,?Painters, Planners, Park Technicians, Pool Technicians, Recreation Workers, Storekeepers, Zookeepers, and many more…?

        Our members work in places such as: City Hall, Civic Square East, Parks, Golf Courses, Libraries, Civic Centres, Arenas, Speed Skating Oval, Swimming Pools, Playgrounds, Police Station, Fire Halls, TCU Place, and SaskTel Centre.

        Since its beginnings – over 75 years ago, CUPE Lol 59 has consistently fought for and won benefits and improvements to working conditions for its members. ?We are committed to improving the working lives of the women and men in our union and in our community!

        A number of collective bargaining breakthroughs include:

        • guaranteed wage rates
        • job security
        • a grievance procedure
        • paid vation and statutory holidays
        • overtime premium
        • health and dental plans
        • Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)
        • sick leave and sick bank (long term disability) benefits
        • job security and income provisions
        • training and edutional programs
        • job evaluation
        • regular hours of work
        • deferred salary leave plan
        • seniority rights
        • parental leave
        • compassionate leave
        • opportunity for progression through job postings
        • pension plan and retirement
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